Jews hiding in the bush

The reason the young Hasidic/Chassidic Jews were used as drug runners is because of, according to an Associated Press report from July 17, “the belief that their conservative look [sic] black hats, darks suits and side-curls would deflect the attention of Customs inspectors at Kennedy International Airport.” This, of course, is hilarious and only goes to show the immense level of Jewish stupidity. How could one even possibly imagine a more suspicious looking character than a greasy Hasidic Orthodox Jew? Immediately after this, on July 20, the media announced the single largest drug bust in New York history. Two mongrel, Israeli, Jewish dope-peddlers from Tel Aviv, Israel Ashkenazi and David Roash, were arrested in Manhattan with over a million ecstasy tablets, a whopping 450 pounds, with an estimated street value of $40 million. This may sound considerable, but Jew York’s own Hilary Clinton says that two million pills are believed to move through Jew York airports every week.

Ecstasy (a.k.a. methylenedioxymethamphetamine, MDMA, or X) is without a doubt the most Jewish drug ever marketed, that is, other than false religion. This drug is mainly manufactured, imported, promoted and vended exclusively by Jews. Experts say that the use of this dangerous Jewish drug has exploded. The Jewish dope-pushers claim that their Jewish poison is harmless, but in reality, it burns out a person’s brain. Knowing that the Jews tell unfeigned lies is certainly nothing new. Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ was recorded in the Christian Bible as saying that their father was the devil, and that their father was the father of all lies.

Health professionals say that MDMA can cause permanent brain damage, i.e. cognitive impairment, memory loss and depression. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has stated, “In the short term, ecstasy can cause dramatic changes in heart rate and blood pressure, dehydration and a potentially life-threatening increase in body temperature. In the longer term, research shows that ecstasy can cause lasting changes in the brain’s chemical systems that control mood and memory.”

Satanic Jews will stop at nothing to destroy the young minds of America. Young girls who put themselves in bad situations are usually raped after some antichrist puts ecstasy in their drinks without them knowing it. No doubt, they want to make zombies out of everyone one way or another and rape the young children of America, but as for this Jewish ecstasy phenomena, it is the Jews’ favorite kind of game. They get to murder or cripple the mental stability of the Goy, and get filthy rich at the same time. Filthy Jews!

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