Jews Push Drugs to Destroy America

In July, more information surfaced on yet another multinational Hasidic drug ring. This time over a dozen defendants pleaded guilty to importing over one million hits of ecstasy from the Netherlands.

The alleged mastermind behind this particular Jewish smuggling operation was Sean Erez, a supposed “Canadian” who was described as being “of Israeli descent” by The Toronto Star in an article published on January 26. The National Post, on the same date, related that this Jewish outlaw “holds both Canadian and Israeli citizenship.” In other words, this is just another typical Jew.

He and his concubine, Diana Reicherter, were arrested in Amsterdam. Erez is charged with nine counts of trafficking and money laundering. These Jews are up for sentencing on October 11, 2001, but with the current state of affairs within the Jewish legal system, I wouldn’t expect much justice.

The group recruited and used several young Orthodox Jews between the ages of eighteen and twenty years old to shuttle the drugs. Most of the Jews were right out of Brooklyn or Monsey, Jew York. Reportedly, one of the head mobilizers for the couriers was the Hasidic Jew Shimon Levita. Levita, son of a prominent Hasidic Jew Yorker, pleaded with the court at his sentencing with statements such as: “I didn’t know what drugs were” and, “I was raised in a real Orthodox religious home.” As a result, he received a rather light 2 1/2 years from the Jew magistrates. Altogether, eight of these recruiters and drug mules have pleaded guilty.

Ecstasy can be produced in Holland for $0.50-$2.00 a pill. The Jews then turn around in America and sell it for $25-30 per dose, sometimes even up to $40 or more. These Jewish dope smugglers were hauling hundreds of thousands of dollars in suitcases to Amsterdam, then picking up the drugs in Europe and bringing them back through cities such as Brussels, Frankfort, Paris and Montreal. The routes used are the same routes Jews used to smuggle diamonds. The Jews are credited with being able to smuggle ecstasy effectively, thanks to their familiarity with the routes and their ability to smuggle small objects. Of interest is the relation ecstasy smugglers have with Israel – the tight communities tend to make smuggling easier. Two devious Jews have been convicted in France and one in Canada. A 71-year old retired Jew was caught with a suitcase full of 61,000 pills in Miami. Net worth of the pills: $1.2 million. Three years ago, 350,000 tablets were being stopped by customs officials yearly. Now that number has soared to 9.3 million/year. Just imagine what’s getting in. Even the DEA admits the Jewish involvement:

“Clandestine laboratories operating throughout Western Europe, primarily the Netherlands and Belgium, manufacture significant quantities of the drug in tablet, capsule, or powder form. Although the vast majority of MDMA [ecstasy] consumed domestically is produced in Europe, a limited number of MDMA labs operate in the United States. In addition, in recent years, Israeli organized crime syndicates, some composed of Russian emigres associated with Russian organized crime syndicates, have forged relationships with Western European traffickers and gained control over a significant share of the European market. The Israeli syndicates are currently the primary source to U.S. distribution groups.” (

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